BioAssays in vitro

Texcell has performed over 500 immunology, toxicology, and medical device studies in compliance with GLP/GMP regulations.

We have tested small molecules and biotechnology-derived drugs, chemicals, stem cell therapies, advanced therapy medical products, implantable devices and endocrine disruptors.


Texcell’s immunoassay Laboratory expertise provides you wide panel of in vitro tests for bioanalysis and evaluation of the immune response for biologicals. Texcell offer investigative in vitro tests for a large number of drug products, including blood derived products, antibodies, cell and gene therapies, nanoparticles. Our proven in vitro tests offer insights on the activity of your test item from early proof of concept to clinical phase 4. Thank to our cell culture capabilities, we can also provide cell-based assays

Biomarkers Expression

Texcell offers the complete development, transfer and optimization of in vitro assays. For advanced development programs, we propose a technology transfer of your current protocols under strictly confidential conditions, followed by validation and testing in our GLP/GCLP/GMP-approved laboratory.

  • POC
  • Feasibility studies
  • Test Development
  • Validation
  • Testing

Cytokines Expression

As key mediators of the immune and inflammatory systems, Cytokines are used as markers to assess how drug candidate modulates functions including innate and adaptive immunity, inflammation, immune cell differentiation, angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, development, neurobiology, and viral pathogenesis. Texcell dedicated immunology platform offers proven, state of the art technologies for singleplex and multiplex assays to support your cytokine and chemokine research needs.

Potency Assay

Develop and validate custom potency in vitro test for medical research.

Our scientific team develops and validates custom in vitro methods in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Full validation includes precision, accuracy, recovery, linearity and stability in accordance with bioanalytical validation guideline ICH Q2R1 as well as FDA and EMA guideline. In vitro test can be transferred to or from your organization.

Following PBMC isolation, we can also perform in vitro test on clinical samples from Phase 1 to Phase 4.